There is not the case more beautiful
than our steam bath

Russian bath is a premise finished with wood with several benches of different height. In Russian bath the furnace is stoked with real firewood. High humidity is reached due to the stones on which the water is splashed out. Air temperature in the bottom makes 60 degrees and on the highest bench reaches up to 100 C. Gradually climbing upwards you can reach the needed effect.

Russian bath is not only good for health but also for the state of the soul. The crackling wood in an open fire, the smell of wood and oak broom, bring a special and indescribable pleasure And what spiritual conversations are conducted at a table in the bath with your friends!

Our RUSSIAN bathhouse is designed for the company up to 10 guests. We have every right to show off not only the hospitality of our staff, but also an excellent rich interior designed in the best traditions of ancient Russian as well as an excellent abundance of truly Russian meals and snacks! You will find everything you need for an unforgettable quality vacation in our bath! Call us: 0482-374058